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PainGO (TM) Topical Gel
Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM)
Grandma's Gel Topical Cream
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Grandma's Gel Allerstat (R) Oral

Products > Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM)

Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM) Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM) Ref: GGART-1
Grandma should have called this AHHH-thriSoak because you feel so much better after just 15 minutes in a relaxing tub of hot water. That's all it takes, a 15 minute soak in your tub or jacuzzi with Arthri-Soak (TM) and you'll be saying AHHH! Use one for Jacuzzi or Hot Tub, half a packet for standard size bath, and 1/4 packet or less for foot bath.

Price:  $2.49

Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM) Large Size Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM) Large Size Ref: GGART-LG
You asked for it, you got it! Large size Arthri-Soak (TM) in resealable pack. Complete with portion scoop! 4 oz of pain relief. You get 8 Jacuzzi size soaks, 16 standard size baths, or more than 30 foot soaks, depending on how much you use. Great value! 

Price:  $19.95

Products > Grandma's Gel Arthri-Soak (TM)